Member Testimonials

"Working with Visit TRI-CITIES has been a plus for Cousins’ Family Restaurant & Saloon... The fact that they are so in tune with the local region, gives me the comfort of knowing that they really care, and want us all to succeed." - Will Willingham, Cousins' Restaurant & Saloon

As a small startup, one of our first tasks was to join Visit Tri-Cities. We have been impressed with the outreach and impact that Visit Tri-Cities has.  We felt like joining was like hiring a multi-million dollar marketing team.  Membership has continued to be the most bang for our marketing buck.  We’ve always felt that the staff is top-notch and delivers excellent customer service.  They’ve been our greatest supporters. – Jeff & Teresa Owen, Red Mountain Trails

"Since opening our doors, the Visit TRI-CITIES team has been a passionate advocate for our success. Their ongoing mission to engage the community and promote this diverse region are what makes their partnerships so enriching. It has been refreshing to work alongside a group who align with our goals of helping people discover the growing beauty of our area. We deeply appreciate their dedication to working with local businesses to improve the quality of life the Tri-Cities has to offer its residents.” - Steve Lambert, Tri-Cities Life

"...Visit TRI-CITIES [has] provided encouragement, inspiration, and reassurance and continues to support us each step of the way. Our company and vessel name denotes the transformative nature of water to this region. Similarly, thank you to Visit TRI-CITIES for being integral to the metamorphosis that occurs when a community comes together to support new beginnings!" – Jay Denney, Water2Wine Cruises