Are You a Good Fit?

Operations Manager/Executive Assistant

The Operations Manager/Executive Assistant is one of the power roles in our organization. In this position you interact with all of the key players and stakeholders the organization works with. You’ll be involved in all of the key meetings and act as a sounding board for executive level decisions. You will become a “go to” connection as you help facilitate decisions and action. Your ability to organize information, keep detailed records and prioritize action is essential to the organization’s success.

What you’ve probably done:

• Organized and facilitated the day-to-day operations in a business office.
• Administrative support: agendas, minutes, reports, research, scheduling and logistics
• Correspondence: writing letters, memos, emails, communicating by phone and in person
• Project management: event planning, communications, goal setting
• Bookkeeping, data entry, coding finances, working with numbers
• Client relations: helping people get connected with the information and services they need
• Reception: Worked behind a front desk answering questions and directing calls
• Created reports with accuracy & detail: Kept track of quickly changing information
• Worked in the tourism realm: Bonus points if you’ve worked in the tourism and hospitality industries - but even if you haven’t, we still want to hear from you if you think you’re a good fit!

Traits of the perfect team member:

• You understand, represent and promote the Visit Tri-Cities mission, vision and values
• You love the Tri-Cities; you see and celebrate the good
• You’re trustworthy, maintain confidences and keep sensitive info sensitive
• You are solution oriented and resourceful; you find ways to get things done
• You utilize technology and tools to be more productive
• You have great people skills; you can read emotional cues and body language; you give people confidence and in difficult situations you put them at ease
• You’re a customer service whiz and you have great communication skills, in person, in writing, and on the phone
• You understand the different roles in the organization and help team members find success
• You’re attentive to detail and can produce accurate reports
• You're a master multitasker
• You’re really good at time management
• You’re able to smile and stay calm under pressure
• You’re able to juggle multiple projects and deadlines
• You can handle interruptions and still make progress
• You can be flexible, and you don't stress under multiple deadlines

This job is not for you if:
• You just want a 9-5
• You like to gossip and add fuel to office rumors
• You get distracted easily or have a hard time focusing
• You’re allergic to reports and organization
• You don’t like dealing with the public
• You want predictability and the same kinds of tasks every day

What do we value?

• Integrity/Trust
• Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA)
• Communication
• Teamwork
• Innovation
• Achievement/Success

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Answer These Questions

What is your favorite thing about the Tri-Cities?

Why we would be crazy not to hire you?

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