David Testroet comedy show

October 14, 7:00pm

Jokers Comedy Club

624 Wellsian Way
Richland, WA 99352

A comedian veteran of over 30 years. A short, fat funny guy with a different way of thinking. Rapidfire delivery.

Pound per pound, hes your Best Buy.

Headlined over 40 clubs in the US and Canada-

Five over sea military tours for the USO, PAC-AF and the DOD.

Appeared on CBS, Fox, Showtime and MSNBC.

Voiceover work on the ESPN radio and national lampoon radio.

Worked with Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, Jeff Dunham, Gallagher and many others.

A finalist in the Seattle international comedy competition, and a host three times.-

Winner of the Miller light comedy connection.

Winner of planters peanuts you could be a nut comedy competition and many others.