Field of Screams TRI 2022

October 21 to October 22

This Halloween, come experience the haunted maze that has everyone terrified. Field of Screams is a haunted walk through the dark like none other... The experience takes an average of one hour to complete and is packed FULL of scares. The walk traverses an artificial grass trail that is approximately a mile long and will have your friends and family on their toes. Start your haunted walk through the Field of Screams in Richland, Washington. You will first make your way past the giant ghouls in the Swamp and find yourself passing through the Junkyard. Every pile of junk may seem like shadowy figure and will have you running towards Clown Town. The clowns are back and can't wait to give you a proper Halloween greeting. From there, make your way to Outbreak, the Tri-Cities interactive zombie shooting ride.

The ride will drop you at the entrance to the Waiting Room. You may want to have your casket measurements ready or we will gladly prepare them for you. After leaving the Waiting room, you'll be on your way to the Monster Bar. After this, you may have a little trouble finding your way through the maze to get to the Mortuary. Some helpers will gladly show you the way.

Once you leave the Mortuary, you will have to navigate through the Corn Maze before getting back on the right trail leading to safety. It won't be easy. First you have to get through the Asylum and make it past the Possession Room.

Don't worry you're almost home free... but you have a decision to make. Enter the Extreme Screams Maze at your own risk. This area is strictly 13+ age restricted. Have little ones with you? No problem at all you just have to say "I want my MOMMY" and you will be sent through the easy way home, make sure you bring tissues for your tears.

Spend sometime getting selfie's or having some snacks from our vendors. Maybe save up some courage to come back another day and try the Extreme Screams Maze.

Wait times are to be expected. For those of you that hate wait times, we have a very limited VIP package that expedites check-in and bypasses long lines. This package also includes a Field of screams Tri t-shirt. Look for VIP packages when booking. Also note that packages will be adjusted for peak pricing. Have a look at various dates and times to choose as well as the respective prices associated with them.

****Warning due to supply chain issues, there will be no on-site adult diapers to purchase. Bring your own or bring a change of clothes. *****