Field of Screams Tri

October 22, 7:00pm

3430 Beardsley Road
Richland, Washington

This Halloween, come experience the haunted maze that has everyone terrified. Field of Screams is a haunted walk through the dark like none other... The experience takes an average of one hour to complete and is packed FULL of scares. The walk traverses an artificial grass trail that is approximately mile long and will have your friends and family on their toes. You will sneak your way past the Serial Killers Workshop on your way to a haunted maze. In the maze you will experience when Hell Freezes Over and some how find yourself in Klondike Bar. The field is full of surprises in the Dark Room and watch out for the rats. If you make it through, continue down the haunted trail to the halfway point! Here you will be staged for a thrilling ride where you will hunt zombies from a double decker battle wagon. Exit the ride and continue through the pitch black path, entering through the horror gate to continue your walk. Try to avoid the Chainsaws, Clowns and Zombies on your way to safety. Come see for yourself - if you dare....

  • Wear appropriate weather related footwear. The trail is 100% on artificial grass
  • Walk-ins are welcome but subject to availability. Reserved guest have priority. Wait times should still be expected.
  • October 8,9,15,16,22,23,28,29,30,31 Reservations can be chosen between 6:45 PM and Midnight on any of those days subject to availablity.
  • The reservations are for check in times. This allows us to spread out the arrival of guests. Some will arrive early, some will arrive late. We will do our best to accommodate everyone. The check in time is the time you should be arriving to check in for waivers. Completing them in advance before coming to the park will significantly reduce your wait times and redeem your purchase for haunt passes. From there, you will be staged in to the haunt queue line.
  • $35/person plus tax for Haunt includes Outbreak
  • $20/Person plus tax for Outbreak only. Subject to availability only and on a walk in basis only. Reservations are not accepted for outbreak only.
  • Ages 12+ recommended. Age is guideline for parents. We leave this to your judgement
  • Very limited spots available on show nights. Reserve as soon as possible to avoid missing this attraction.
  • No filming is allowed and may end your haunt immediately.