Halley Greg - Bluesy Feminist Punch-You-In-The-Gut Pop Rock

November 11, 9:00pm

Emerald of Siam

1314 Jadwin Ave
Richland, Washington 99354

  • Time: 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Halley Greg is a 31-year-old singer-songwriter who blasted into the Seattle music scene in 2019 and has since quickly picked up steam and gained a devoted following. Formerly a high school science teacher, she discovered her love for songwriting at the age of 28 and then went from playing her first open mic to forming a band, recording a full studio album, and selling out her first headlining show in a mere nine months. In 2020, just before the pandemic hit, Greg decided to resign from teaching to focus on music. When the descent into COVID-19 lockdown threw a wrench in those plans, she submitted an audition video for Season 20 of NBC’s The Voice, and ended up landing first a blind audition, and then a spot on Team Kelly.

Decidedly lyric-driven and intentionally sassy, Greg's first album, titled American Harlot, paints a picture of feminist empowerment, exploring non-traditional relationship narratives and poking repeatedly at the patriarchal and puritanical roots of American society. She has been called "the love child of Katy Perry and Joan Jett," with a pure, crooning voice that juxtaposes entrancingly with her edgy, bluesy rock 'n roll music. Her recently-released second album, Straitjacket, is an exploration of the societal tensions and vulnerability we experienced collectively throughout the pandemic.

Spotify: Halley Greg Instagram: @halleygregmusic
Apple Music: Halley Greg Facebook: facebook.com/halleygregmusic

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