• We build trust and embrace integrity by practicing personal accountability
  • We believe in each other and the abilities of our team
  • We make decisions that reflect and defend our core values
  • We are honest, sincere and do what is right
  • We uphold transparency

Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA)

  • We will be life-long learners of IDEA
  • We value each other’s words and opinions
  • We will highlight, share, and celebrate the diversity of the Tri-Cities
  • We are committed to embracing all people, customs, ideas, and cultures
  • We actively welcome visitors of all backgrounds, races, genders, cultures and abilities


  • We actively share information and openly voice our ideas, concerns, and expectations respectfully
  • We engage in active listening, asking clarifying questions and confirming understanding
  • We are mindful of our non-verbal communications
  • We assume positive intent with all communication
  • We only engage in positive conversations


  • We provide exceptional service to each other and our community
  • We support each other with enthusiasm and encouragement
  • We seek out opportunities for collaboration
  • We are open, receptive and non-judgmental
  • We are better together


  • We develop new and creative ways of advancing our mission
  • We execute cutting-edge solutions to drive economic impact and quality of life in our region
  • We are recognized as a thought-leader in our industry
  • We are fearless in our pursuit of excellence through innovation
  • We are the essence of BE MORE COOL


  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable to achieve our goals
  • We strive for excellence and search out innovative solutions
  • We devote time to personal and professional growth
  • We are mindful of our mission and goals at all times
  • We celebrate and recognize a job well done