You would be pressed to find a place more welcoming than the Pacific Northwest, particularly in the Tri-Cities. All are invited to enjoy a diverse array of experiences thanks to the blending of an equally diverse community of people, cultures and ideas. For instance, our incredible farm-to-fork offerings pair exceptionally well with our amazing outdoor recreational opportunities, festivals, art, and history. We encourage visitors and residents to fully embrace these experiences by pressing in to learn more about the people and the cultures that are the heart and soul behind a wonderful meal, a moving piece of art, a really good story or an otherworldly experience.

Here in the Heart of Washington Wine Country we know a thing or two about a hard-press. When wine grapes are pressed, and diverse varietals are blended, unique, complex, and lively flavors are revealed. Some varietals are big, bold and robust. While others are velvety, balanced, and elegant. Of course, you can find varietals in-between. While many varietals can stand on their own…when blended, culture can be experienced in a way unimaginable. Much like when we open ourselves up to embracing Inclusivity, Equity, Diversity and Accessibility, which is what we invite you to enjoy in the Tri-Cities.

It is the diversity of our community that amplifies experiences. From indigenous peoples who inhabited our lands long before the Lewis and Clark Expedition wandered along the banks of the mighty Columbia River here in our community to the African American workers who migrated to the Tri-Cities to help build the Manhattan Project, ushering in the Atomic Age. To our incredible Latino heritage that is part and parcel to our agrarian culture and our LGBTQ+ community that celebrates pride and individuality. We have rich cultures, history, ideas, and heritage to explore. The diversity doesn’t end there as we are inclusive of all people, from all walks of life.

Visit Tri-Cities is passionately committed to building a better community and enhance tourism experiences for visitors by embracing the people, the customs, ideas, and the cultures that thrive in our community. To advance this passion, we have launched Tri-IDEAs, a new program exploring and celebrating Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility through tourism in the Tri-Cities.  

Each week Visit Tri-Cities connects with business owners, community leaders, event organizers, residents and more to highlight, share and celebrate the diversity of the Tri-Cities that can be experienced through travel and tourism activities.

At Visit Tri-Cities we believe travel is transformative on multiple levels. Exploring new destinations exposes us to different ideas, cultures, history, heritages, and people. Sharing and celebrating our differences not only highlights what an amazing community the Tri-Cities is, it lets visitors and residents of all backgrounds, races, genders, cultures, and abilities know and feel that they are welcome here.

Check out our social channels to get a taste of IDEAs in the Tri-Cities. Or even better, we invite you to join us for a visit to have an experience you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.


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