West Richland

The City of West Richland resides along the beautiful Yakima River which meanders through the valley and borders the city just above its confluence with Columbia River.

The City of West Richland is unique in that it contains over 7,000 acres of agricultural land within the city limits, including irrigated pastures, orchards, grapes, potatoes, and other field crops. During harvest times, produce from the local farms provides visitors a variety of exceptional fresh foods.

The wine industry in the West Richland region of the Yakima Valley has grown rapidly over the last 20 years. The Red Mountain American Viticultural Area (AVA), the most renowned wine growing area in Washington State and one of the most coveted wine growing areas in the country, is located on the city’s western boundary. The Red Mountain AVA provides exquisite wine tasting rooms, dining and hiking experiences for visitors.

In West Richland, reconnecting with your family always seems easier. Perhaps it’s the relaxed pace of a friendly small rural town. Maybe it’s the abundance of exciting sports events, such as youth and adult soccer, youth football, and youth baseball, at the city’s - Bombing Range Sports Complex. Or maybe it the local events designed just for families such as the Summer Night Concerts in the Park series, Harvest Festival, and Veterans Day Parade. Whatever the reason, West Richland continues to be the small rural town that’s got it all for families.

With over 300 days of blue sky, there are unlimited opportunities to enjoy the regions outdoor experiences, family events, area wineries, restaurants and beautiful warm summer nights.

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