Explore and Celebrate African American Culture at the AACCES Art Show

AACCES Art Show Opening Reception
Friday, Jan. 14
4 p.m. – 9 p.m.
The Space in The Uptown Shopping Center

1384 Jadwin Ave., Richland
Free—accepting suggested donations of $4


January – February
Visit DrewboyCreative.com for gallery open dates and times

Throughout the Pacific Northwest, the Tri-Cities is known as an outdoor recreation paradise in the Heart of Washington Wine Country. A destination that welcomes every visitor to join us in enjoying everything this sun-drenched region has to offer. The Tri-Cities is a diverse and vibrant community—a collection of backgrounds, cultures, identities and values that make this sun-drenched region an amazing place to live, work, play and visit. A getaway to the Tri-Cities is not only an invitation to relax in our bucolic landscapes or cut loose in our thriving social scene but broaden views through cultural experiences and an exploration of the region’s rich heritage. One of the most impactful ways to share an experience, idea or value is through art.

The Tri-Cities offers a breadth of artistic experiences, and this winter brings the AACCES Art Show. AACCES (African American Community, Cultural and Educational Society) is a local organization raising awareness of African American accomplishments, challenges and contributions to the Tri-Cities. To celebrate the African American community of the Tri-Cities, AACCES partnered with local art collective with DrewBoy Creative (DBC) to host the AACCES Art Show.

The dynamic exhibition presents works highlighting African American influence in education, community and culture, representing personal statements or reflecting on moments in history. The show features seven artists from the Tri-Cities and additional artists from throughout the state, displaying a wide range of artistic expression.

“Through the macro and micro lens, 'Confinement’ is a piece made to represent the journey of finding self within the ideas and expectations that others place upon you,” said local artist Kori Doran. “The print was experimented with using various colors and mediums, which in itself lent to the examination of how far the boundaries of one can be pushed with different platforms.”

Other Tri-Cities artists featured:

Denise Algood
Joel Nunn-Sparks
Angela Harper
Tami Nelson
Armando Uriostegui Jr
Mercedes Phillips

The AACCES Art Show Opening Reception will also feature artists beyond the visual medium. Performances local musicians Chauncey Bass, Nobi, Jay D’One and Vanessa J. Brown; and poetry by Daishaundra Loving-Hearne, Angela Harper, Corey Jenkins Jr. and Bryan Hearne will provide a multi-layered perspective of the overall show.

“You are art; embrace it. I believe that art is everything and it’s everywhere. It’s how we dress, wear our hair, how we accessorize, and in the way we walk,” said performer Chauncey Bass. “Art is inside of everyone, even people who don’t consider themselves artists. Especially them, as a matter of fact. I believe that no thing and no one can stop an artist from creating. Your body is a canvas. Your house is a canvas. It’s you. You are art.”

AACCES Intro and Art Show with Vanessa Moore

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At Visit Tri-Cities, we believe travel is transformative on multiple levels. Exploring new destinations exposes us to different ideas, cultures, history, heritages and people. Through Tri-IDEAs, Visit Tri-Cities will connect with local business owners, community leaders, event organizers, residents and more to highlight, share and celebrate the diversity of the Tri-Cities that can be experienced through travel and tourism activities.