Tri-Wine: A Guide to Hispanic-Operated Wineries & Vineyards

Passion and Heritage in a Bottle!

When it comes to wine, the Tri-Cities Washington region is not just about its lush vineyards and breathtaking landscapes; it's also about the diversity that enriches our winemaking. Let's shine a spotlight on the vibrant contributions of a few Hispanic operated wineries that continue to leave a mark on this picturesque wine country.

Hispanic operated wineries and vineyards in the Tri-Cities bring a unique blend of passion, heritage, and skill to the world of wine. Their families often have deep roots in the region's agricultural history, making them intimately connected to the land they cultivate. This connection is reflected in the wines they craft, which are infused with the flavors and traditions of their cultural heritage.

Palencia & Monarcha Winery: A Story of Excellence

One shining example of excellence in the Tri-Cities is Palencia and Monarcha Winery, founded by Victor Palencia. Meet Victor Palencia, a winemaker extraordinaire whose journey began amidst the vineyards, working hand in hand with his family.

Palencia and Monarcha Winery have garnered acclaim for their exceptional wines, which include a diverse range of varietals such as Albariño, and El Viñador Petit Verdot. With each sip, these wines transport you to the heart of Spain, embracing you with rich, authentic flavors and an unwavering love and respect for the Washington land.

Barrel Springs Winery: A Story of New Beginnings

Barrel Springs Winery, nestled in Prosser, WA, is a gem you won't want to miss on your wine-tasting adventure. It's a picturesque boutique winery, lovingly owned and operated by the dynamic duo, Brandi and Seve Manuel.

Their journey to winemaking began when they acquired Barrel Springs Winery in 2022. Years before, they had set out looking for farm land so their children could experience growing up on a working farm. They chose Prosser and a vineyard after the previous winemaker, Jim Madison, offered to teach them the craft of winemakeing. They now grow Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Chardonnay grapes and serve the wines made from those grapes at the Barrel Springs tasting room.

Their mixed heritage adds a sprinkle of cultural richness to their wines, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels at home. Brandi is of mixed Mexican, Filipino, and German heritage, and Seve is of Italian, Japanese, and Basque heritage. This diverse blend of backgrounds reflects their deep love of winemaking, merging flavors and traditions to craft truly unique and unforgettable bottles of wine.

Zeron Vineyards: A Story of Determination

Ellie Zeron, owner of Zeron Vineyards and wine maker of Elk Haven Winery on Red Mountain, grew up in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. Armed with a background in Chemical Engineering and boundless determination, she embarked on her winemaking journey.

It wasn’t until 2012 that Ellie earned her winemaking certificate. She started her branding project for "ZERON" and learned from a professor about Red Mountain AVA. Years after searching this region, she found the perfect piece of land and her dream became a reality on Red Mountain. Currently, Zeron Vineyards’ production and tasting room is under construction, hoping to open for business in 2024.

In February 2022, Ellie played a vital role in bringing Elk Haven Winery to Red Mountain. September 2023 marks the first anniversary of Elk Haven Winery with Ellie Zeron as its Winemaker. She has produced 2,500 cases for them and 1,000 cases for her own brand (currently aging in barrels), she is planning to produce around 4,800 cases all together this year.

Ellie Zeron aims to make wine tasting more accessible to the Hispanic community and those who speak Spanish by conducting tours and tastings in Spanish and English, and offering multi-cultural events. Her message to all the Hispanic community and immigrants out there...

“Follow your dreams, if you have passion for something and you work hard for it, you can achieve your dreams. It is possible!”.

- Ellie Zeron

Martinez & Martinez: A Story of Dedication

Martinez & Martinez is another shining star in the Tri-Cities winery & vineyard scene.

This family-owned winery, founded by Sergio and Kristin Martinez, showcases a deep connection to their Mexican heritage. Their passion for winemaking shines through in every bottle, from their classic Cabernet Sauvignon to their full bodied Grenache.

What sets Martinez & Martinez apart is their commitment to sustainability and their dedication to crafting wines that reflect the flavors of the Columbia Valley. Their winery is a testament to the idea that wine can bridge cultures and create connections.

A Taste of the Tri-Cities: Unity in Diversity

The presence of Hispanic winemakers in the Tri-Cities region underscores the unity in diversity that characterizes the local wine industry. They bring a unique perspective to winemaking, celebrating the fusion of Old World traditions with the innovative spirit of the Pacific Northwest

As you explore the Tri-Cities wine scene, take a moment to appreciate the heritage and craftsmanship of Hispanic winemakers. Their wines are a celebration of diversity, a fusion of cultures, and a testament to the power of passion and dedication in the world of winemaking.

Cheers to diverse wines and even more diverse stories!

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