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4 Whistles Winery

We derive our name from the standard 4 whistle pattern that trains use when going over a crossing…

ROMA House

At ROMA House, guests can expect an array of carefully curated charcuterie boards featuring world-class meats and cheeses…

Modern Medical Spa

Modern Medical Spa is a premier medspa located in Richland. Our medspa offers a variety of aesthetic treatments…

Aub’s Bananza Bread

At Aub’s Bananza Bread we make a variety of gourmet banana breads. Aub’s has a rotating menu featuring…

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Bön Café Co

Bon Cafe Co is a French - Style mobile coffee camper, bringing luxury taste to the PNW. Our coffee is about the experience of slowing down and savoring every moment. It's about cultivating the Parisian lifestyle; slower, beautiful and worthy of enjoying.

There's nothing quite like bonding over a cup of coffee.

Our menu offers both traditional and specialty curated drinks that change every season.

Swigg Coffee Bar

Swigg Coffee Bar is a fresh spirited company that offers coffee from a locally sourced small batch artisan roaster, burritos and sandwiches from our Tri-Cities award winning El Fat Cat Grill and amazing and fresh locally baked pastries from TSP Bakeshop. Swigg Coffee Bar, Source Local, Serve Local and Stay Local.

Mocha Express TriCities

Swing by Mocha Express for delicious coffee! That afternoon pick-me up or start your day with one of our coffee or energy drinks. Food menu available to pair with your perfect drink of choice. We can't wait to see you.

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Summary content

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Del Sol Lavender Farm

We are a new lavender farm, set beautifully on the side of Candy Mountain. Our goal is to offer lavender and lavender products to our community.

Little Shop: 4602 Kennedy Rd, West Richland, WA
Farm (seasonal): 52929 Kennedy Rd, Benton City, WA

Ground Support Coffee

Ground Support Coffee is founded on the mission of giving convenient access to well-prepared coffee and cultivating community connection. We don't just serve coffee, we serve people. Coffee with a purpose.

Mocha Express on Canal

Swing by Mocha Express for delicious coffee! That afternoon pick-me up or start your day with one of our coffee or energy drinks. Food menu available to pair with your perfect drink of choice. We can't wait to see you.

Chic & Unique Furniture Kennewick

Chic & Unique Furniture is a home decor store that offers something for everyone! From refurbished to solid wood and new furniture, candles, and so much more. Numerous vendors offer a variety of craft items like candles, clothing, pillows and blankets, teas and lotions. With two locations be sure to stop by both!

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Crowdriff Gallery

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Use to display local business listings, events, blogs, or deals. When selecting categories, please remember to include all relevant child categories to ensure all listings display properly.

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