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Bullfighters Only

May 11, 2019
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Toyota Center | Kennwick, WA
The world’s best bullfighters will take center stage on May 11th, as they go head-to- head with the fiercest Mexican fighting bulls on the planet in a battle of pure determination, grit, and toughness. The Toyota Center in Kennewick plays host to the most intense brand of action sport out there.
With $25,000 of total prize money on the line, the spotlight will be on the sport’s top bullfighting superstars, including three-time World Champion Weston Rutkowski, Ada, Oklahoma Champion Toby Inman, and Latin superstar, Andres Gonzales. Up-and-coming freestylers such as Chance Moorman and Tucker Lane will also be looking to make a name for themselves on the grand stage.

Combatants have up to 60 seconds to gain as many points possible. With 100-points being the perfect score, bullfighters can earn up to 50 points by exhibiting style and control while maneuvering around, and jumping over the fighting bull. The bull can also tally up to 50 points for its speed, aggressiveness and willingness to stay engaged with the bullfighter.