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Lecture: Got Finched?: Rethinking Empathy, No Hero Required

May 16, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Richland Public Library | Richland, WA
A presentation by Michelle Liu
Hosted by Friends of the Richland Public Library

Most people remember Atticus Finch from their high school English class: he’s the heroic lawyer defending an unjustly charged African-American man in To Kill a Mockingbird. So when a long-lost draft of this beloved novel was recently published, readers were shocked when Atticus expressed sympathy for White supremacists—a change that made for front page news. This spectacle—a print book’s hero causing national distress in the digital age—invites us to consider the work fiction plays in shaping our emotional connections to painful parts of American life, particularly when that pain has racial roots. Using Atticus as a starting point, Michelle Liu invites participants to think about how fiction, beyond its heroes, can help us build more empathy and openness to those with experiences different from our own.