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"Nuclear Dreams: an Oral History of the Hanford Site"

Sep. 28, 2019
5:30 PM - 9:30 PM
B Reactor | Richland, WA
The technical achievements of the Manhattan Project are storied. But what about the people who worked on one of the greatest and most challenging scientific works of the 20th century? How did they feel about their work? What did they dream at night? And what about the people who lived on the land before the Manhattan Project was conceived?

“Nuclear Dreams: an Oral History of the Hanford Site” with music by noted composer Reginald Unterseher and libretto by Nancy Welliver explores the dreams and history of the Hanford Site, one of the three sites within the Manhattan Project National Historical Park.

The performance will be held inside the B Reactor facility's main room where the front face of the reactor is visible. Transportation is provided to the facility by charter bus.

Three performances will be given over the weekend of September 27-29. Watch this event for updates about ticket sales, accommodations, and other details! Please contact us at info@mcmastersingers.org with any inquiries.