Walter Clore Center
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Walter Clore Center
2140A Wine Country Road
Prosser, WA 99350

Artists Bill Hermanns, w.e. McMillin & Marcia Wyatt exhibiting at the Clore Center, Jan - Feb 2020

Jan. 2, 2020 - Feb. 29, 2020
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Walter Clore Center | Prosser, WA

“I’m going to paint.” Most of them didn’t know that I’ve been painting on and off for most of my life. I did take multiple art classes in high school and was encouraged to go to art school by my teachers. Unfortunately, my life went in a different direction. I got married, started a family and followed my father and grandfather into the pipe fitting trade. As an apprentice, I learned to weld and for twenty five years, that became my primary means of artistic expression.

...During my working career, I painted on and off as a hobby. I’ve always painted for myself, although I have given paintings to family and friends. My work has always leaned towards the abstract although sometimes I feel the need to try something more representational. I have always been fascinated with color and most of my paintings reflect that. I paint mostly in acrylics although I have been dabbling in watercolors recently. The truth is that with regard to art, we never stop learning. I know that I have much to learn and intend to learn what I can to become a better painter.

w.e. McMillin:

“My favorite color is clear”. When I discovered this, “clear” became the palette on which I create my art; my art is applied on the reverse side of glass. I discovered the advantage of painting on the reverse side of glass out of necessity. Needing the “clear” finish to my art...I could acquire clear glass and I found that I was deeply satisfied with the viewing of my art from the front side of the glass.

I pretty much plan every square centimeter in my mind and apply the paints accordingly. I...use...stencils...my own paints (mainly metallic) and...recycled products including recycled glass. Today, I start with geometric patterns, then the rest of the piece just evolves. Painting on the back side of glass, last becomes first as I apply the paint. This leaves my favorite “color” exposed...When the correct light sources are available, maximum benefit will be gained when viewing my work.

Marcia Wyatt:

Even though my parents discouraged every art project I ever took, I still persisted. Now that I have grandkids, there is no reason I can’t put all of my energies into my creative side. I’ve done some kind of art, from woodworking to rugs to faux painting my entire life. My long-time friends out testify that I’m always doing something creative the entire time we have been friends. My husband would wearily agree with them. Some have been successful and many not if you look at it from a financial standpoint but there is so much more to my art than money.

This is where I am today. Tomorrow is just a guess but I’m sure it will be something abstract. Truly, I can’t draw and I’m fine with that. I enjoy the feeling of watching the colors take on their own personality. The largest majority transform over several hours or several days so what I start out with is not final at all. What a joy! My studio is my sanctuary-no computers, phone, or even a clock is there. I don’t care about anything else when I’m there. When I’m done, I’m done. I hope you enjoy what I do. It may look disjointed and crazy but it keeps me grounded and sane. Thanks for taking a look.