How to Pack for the Tri-Cities - Introducing Direct Flights from LAX

Get your bags packed and prepare for some fun in the sun! And we’re not talking about when you land in Los Angeles!

United Airlines has begun offering a daily nonstop flight between Los Angeles International Airport and the Tri-Cities Regional Airport, so to help you angelenos prepare for when you land, here’s some tips for what to bring to the Tri-Cities and where to explore!



Be sure to pack some sunscreen! We celebrate 300 days of sunshine here and there’s plenty to experience in our outdoor paradise!


You’ll want some breathable clothing – whether you’re playing by the water, hiking through the trails, or horseback riding through Red Mountain, prepare to work up a sweat! And don’t forget your sunnies! Enjoy our wide open spaces and discover that our “traffic” is when there’s more than three cars stopped at a red light.


The Tri-Cities is bountiful in wildlife, so you’ll want to bring a camera to snap a few pics! Sure, you have one built-into your phone, but for wildlife lovers there’s plenty of inspiration to justify bringing that DSLR. Not a photographer, but enjoy on-the-fly photos? Bring your FujiFilm Instax or Polaroid to capture real stills – and great memories!

Outfit for a Concert/Show

The Tri-City music scene is alive and thriving. Dress comfortable for live music at most local wineries, breweries, or restaurants. There’s also plenty of outdoor music concerts during the summer, not to mention at the various farmers markets around town. Or dress-up for the local Mid-Columbia Symphony or Ballet shows.


If you love to journal, the Tri-Cities has plenty of places to escape to for a little self-reflection. Take a walk along the Columbia River and nestle into the grass or public swings for some peaceful writing. Stop into one of our local coffee shops for hand-crafted java or artisan treats. Take a climb up one of our various mountain trails and enjoy the views while writing down your latest thoughts.

Before You Leave…

So you came, you saw – but before you consider the Tri-Cities conquered, here are a few things we recommend snagging before you leave!

Be sure to stop by the Tri-Cities Visitor Center at the beginning of your trip to pick up a copy of our Visitor Guide! It will help give you a game plan of what to expect in the Tri-Cities, as well as how to plan your stay. Also, snag a VTC luggage tag for your flight home!

Once you’ve viewed our sunsets, it’s pretty hard to top them. So take home a piece of that sunshine with some Love The Tri clothing gear and accessories, that highlights our one-of-a-kind sunsets. Our Visitor Center carries a selection of their collection for purchase.

With more than 200 local wineries, quiz your servers on what type of wine opener they prefer and then be sure to snag one before you head home! (Along with a bottle of your favorite wine, of course!)

There’s always room for chocolate – luckily, the Tri-Cities has some of the best! Scoop up some hand-made chocolates and other confectionery desserts before you catch your flight. Share them or keep them for yourself – we won’t judge.

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