A Guide to Memorial Day Weekend in the Tri-Cities

Spend Memorial Day weekend in Tri-Cities, honoring our fallen heroes, enjoying family-friendly activities with loved ones, and more.

With the extended weekend, there is no shortage of ways to relish memorable moments in the Tri-Cities. Whether you’re planning a kid-centered itinerary or seeking new ways to explore the outdoors, mark your calendar for a one-of-a-kind start to the summer, where a three-day journey will lead you to supporting our local veterans and finding unforgettable experiences in Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, and beyond. From commemorative memorials to fun excursions for your little ones, we’ve got you covered with our list of recommendations.

1. Discover Our Local Heroes at the Regional Veterans Memorial

Nestled in Columbia Park, the Regional Veterans Memorial honors our local military members in a scenic setting. Make a day of it by strolling through Columbia Park, taking in the riverfront views and soaking in the sunshine. Stop by this memorial and learn about a piece of history that features local heroes etched in stone. The landscaped greenery sets a peaceful scene for paying homage to Tri-Cities-based military members and veterans.

2. Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

Uncover veteran-owned establishments in the Tri-Cities, from casual tea shops to sophisticated wineries. If you have a sweet tooth, we suggest heading over to the Bubbly Boba, where succulent cups of fruit tea await. This veteran-owned business creates explosions of flavor with every sip, including special menu items such as blue raspberry, passionfruit, mango, and more. Cool down from the summer heat with a refreshing delight like the brown sugar-infused milk tea. Looking to unwind for this Memorial Day? Situated on Red Mountain in Benton City, veteran-owned business Fidélitas Wines provides exceptional wine tastings with charcuterie boards and fascinating stories.

A man pours wine into his friend's glass by the vineyard of Fidelitas Wines.
Fidélitas Wines

3. Explore Free Military Admission to Local Museums

Spending Memorial Day with military members? The REACH Museum offers free admission to active-duty military members and their families. Located in Richland, this special museum showcases educational experiences that bring the history of the Mid Columbia Basin region to life. Wander through an array of exhibits, learning about Ice Age floods and the Atomic era. The Pasco Aviation Museum features more educational fun and free admission for veterans. Marvel at models of planes that spotlight the most significant aviation inventions in history.

Vintage aircraft on display at the Pasco Aviation Museum.
Pasco Aviation Museum

4. Explore Upcoming Events for Memorial Day Weekend

Schedule your Memorial Day weekend by paying tribute to the heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Sunset Gardens will be hosting Memorial Day events, running from May 26 to 27. Begin your summer with free hot dogs and a session of contemplative reflection at Sunset Gardens. For more Memorial Day occasions, look through our list of upcoming events.

5. Dive into Summer Activities With Your Kids

Along with paying tribute to our valiant heroes, the Tri-Cities offers plenty of opportunities to kick off the beginning of summer with your family. Pick an exciting watersport and take in breathtaking sights, paddling your way through a picturesque adventure. From jet skiing and kayaking to paddle boarding and boating, the Tri-Cities is brimming with plenty of summer-filled activities.

two people Water Tubing along blue waters of the Colombia, Snake, and Yakima River on sunny summer day. Tri-Cities