Soak Up The Fun This Summer!

The Tri-Cities is home to about 300 days of sunshine, but it’s the summertime when things really heat up around here!

The climate is perfect for playing on the water – and we just happen to have three rivers right in our backyard for you to dip your feet in!

If you’re looking for a relaxing escape, try stand-up Paddleboarding along the mighty Columbia River. Paddleboarding is an excellent way to enjoy the water and shoreline around the Tri-Cities. It’s also a full-body workout, which focuses on your core for balancing without being too strenuous. Paddle around on your own or sign-up for yoga on paddleboards. Either way, enjoy the warm sun while staying cool on top of the water!

For the Adventure-Seeker

If you’re feeling the need for speed, jet skis are available to rent along the Columbia shoreline. After an initial demonstration, you’re allowed to ride the waves with the wind in your hair, because let’s face it – jet skis are the motorcycles of the water!

A Place to Dip Your Toes

To cool off from the summers heat and get your hair wet, there are several swimming spots that the locals favor. Visit the swim beach at Sacajawea Historical State Park. Lather up the sunscreen and head over to Memorial Aquatic Park in Pasco. If you have little ones, try the FREE wading pool at the Civic Center Splash Pool featuring a “Mushroom” water spout and a max. depth of 2 feet.

B.Y.O. Tube

Not feeling like renting during your trip? Bring your own inner tube and float down the Yakima River, which offers a slower-paced current the locals all love. Pack plenty of water to drink and bring some tunes as you glide along the water and view some of the local wildlife.

Lastly, if you really want to enjoy the water, but don’t want to actually go in the river, reserve a seat aboard the Chrysalis, a two-story luxury boat ride that travels up and down the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Meals are included, as are unforgettable scenic views.