Omar Tarango comedy show

May 20, 7:30pm

Jokers Comedy show

624 Wellsian Way
Richland, WA 99352

For over 16 years, Omar Tarango has been making comedy club audiences laugh all across the

country. His clean delivery of material and clever approaches for delivering edgier content has

made him a comedy club favorite.

Fresh off the nationally touring production, The Latin Comedy Jam, Omar Tarango has shared the

limelight with comedians Paul Rodriguez (Latin Kings of Comedy), Carlos Mencia (Mind of

Mencia), Doug Stanhope (The Man Show on Comedy Central), Brian Scolaro (Comedy Central)

Felipe Esparza (Last Comic Standing), Johnny Sanchez (MADtv), and Willie Barcena (Showtime),

just to name a few!

Omar Tarango has strutted his stuff in front of Last Comic Standing producers, been selected to

compete in the nationwide competition The World Series of Comedy two years in a row, and is a

featured performer on the Borderland Kings of Comedy Tour.

Omar Tarango tours the country, leaving behind a slew of laughing new fans in his wake! Omar

Tarango is the face of a new comedy generation. Those who have seen him in action will always

come back for a dose of more of this hilarious young star in the making!

Born and raised in the state of Texas, Omar Tarango shares his unique perspective on, culture,

family, marriage, money and a slew of other psychiatric chair issues. Omar Tarango delivers each

and every time he hits the stage!