About Visit Tri-Cities

To promote, market and sell the region as a preferred destination to visitors. We will develop incremental visitation by promoting our destination products, programs and activities; the overall economic vitality of our communities and the quality of life for our citizens.

To be an industry leader for destination marketing in the Pacific Northwest; the primary source of visitor information and the lead advocate for visitor industry development in the Tri-Cities region.

Visit Tri-Cities aggressively promotes tourism to create a diverse economy for the region. Tourism is economic development. In 2018, visitors spent $560.2 million in Benton and Franklin Counties. 
In 2018, visitors spent:

  • $183.3 million in dining establishments
  • $87 million for overnight accommodations
  • $76.8 million in retail shops
  • $64 million on recreational activities

State and local tax revenues in the amount of $57 million were also collected, supporting services enjoyed by residents long after the visitor is gone.