By becoming a member, you are supporting Visit TRI-CITIES mission "to promote, market and sell the region as a preferred destination to visitors. We will develop incremental visitation by promoting our destination products, programs and activities; the overall economic vitality of our communities and quality of life of our citizens."
Tourism is economic development. In 2016, visitors spent $432.9 million in Benton and Franklin Counties. 
In 2016, visitors spent:

  • $145.1 million in dining establishments
  • $69.7 million for overnight accommodations
  • $68.6 million in retail shops
  • $54.7 million on recreational activities

And, state and local tax revenues in the amount of $47.2 million were also collected, supporting services enjoyed by residents long after the visitor is gone.
Our job is to attract visitors to the area, thereby creating new wealth and prompting economic development within our community. TRI-CITIES businesses that are part of our network can rest assured that the investment you make year after year is contributing to the economic health and diversification of the area.

New residents moving to the area also contact our office for information about quality of life, things to do, relocation assistance, and more. And major Tri-Cities employers utilize Visit TRI-CITIES' services and membership in their recruitment efforts and in new-hire packets.

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