Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in Tri-Cities

Pictured: Classic cocktails with a Soi 705 twist.

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month – an annual celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders who have not only enriched our country, but the Tri-Cities as well. There are many Asian-owned tourism businesses throughout the Tri-Cities, and we encourage you to support them all when visiting!

To kick-start your Tri-Cities trip planning, here are a few local Asian- and Pacific Islander-owned businesses to visit during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and beyond.

Eat & Drink

The best part of any getaway is the new things to nosh on! From sushi and dumplings to noodle soups and curries, the Tri-Cities offers a smorgasbord of tasty Asian- and Pacific Islander- owned restaurants and food carts.

Located on the Parkway in Richland, Soi 705 is one of the newest, and tastiest, eateries in the Tri-Cities. It’s a cozy spot featuring globally-inspired pop culture décor and a comfortable bar. Soi 705 offers up a menu inspired by owner and chef Jacqui Wright’s global travels and penchant for Asian street food. Mouth-watering items include the honey ribs, the Ride or Die Pahd Thai, Malaysian Meatballs and so much more. The restaurant offers a killer cocktail menu featuring a Soi 705 twist on classic libations like a Tokyo 75. Cheers!

Soi 705


The Uptown Shopping Center is one of the most popular gathering places in Tri-Cities. The retail plaza is home to a variety of Asian-owned businesses including favorites like Lao Kitchen and The Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant & Lounge. But for the truly unique and spectacular, The Octopus’ Garden is a must-visit. This quirky novelty store is owned by Gus Sako, a shop owner who has become legendary for the eclectic merchandise sold at the Garden. From cheeky greeting cards and collectibles to Tibetan prayer flags and chime candles, this store is a destination. Local Tip: Gus is the owner of the neighboring shop, Luna Fish, which offers lotions, candles, journals, décor, clothing and more.

The Octopus' Garden


Nestled in Kennewick is a vibrant and beautiful place of worship paying homage to Buddha. The Wat Lao Dhammayanaram Tri-Cities Temple has been offering spiritual services and programs to the community since it was built in 1995. The temple currently houses four monks who have devoted themselves to a pious life. Visitors are welcome to visit the temple grounds or participate in annual festivals such as Lao New Year in spring and/or the celebration of Bounphraveth, a central figure in Lao Buddhism, in early summer.

Tri-IDEAs is a program exploring and celebrating Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility through tourism in the Tri-Cities.

At Visit Tri-Cities, we believe travel is transformative on multiple levels. Exploring new destinations exposes us to different ideas, cultures, history, heritages and people. Through Tri-IDEAs, Visit Tri-Cities will connect with local business owners, community leaders, event organizers, residents and more to highlight, share and celebrate the diversity of the Tri-Cities that can be experienced through travel and tourism activities.