Celebrating Women in the Tri-Cities Entertainment Scene

The Tri-Cities entertainment scene is loaded with local talent, events, and venues that are unique to the area. We have a little bit of everything, from laid-back open mic nights at your beloved dive bar to massive concerts drawing in crowds of 19,000 at the Toyota Center.

Every bit of entertainment, big or small, entails a whirlwind of activity backstage, all aimed at keeping the audience captivated. In this blog post, let's shine a light on the remarkable women in the local entertainment industry, whether they're the voices behind the mic or the masterminds setting the stage.

Local Performers You WON’T Want to Miss

Kate Turner is a country artist from Burbank, WA!! She has gained West Coast fame with her original music backed by top Northwest musicians. She has shared stages with Country stars like Matt Kennon and Sawyer Brown. You can often find Kate performing at local venues like Desert Wind Winery.

Hannah Siglin, an indie-folk singer, songwriter, and guitarist, often performs in our corner of Washington State! Based in Spokane, she frequently visits Tri-Cities, treating audiences to tracks from her latest album "Seeds". Check our events calendar for a chance to catch her live!

Another standout talent is Kjerstyn Jordheim, a Tri-Cities native making waves in Los Angeles. Studying Vocal Performance at Los Angeles College of Music, she sings soulful renditions from all eras. Don’t worry though she can often be found performing at local wineries for our pleasure. Can't make it to a live show? Find her on all streaming platforms!

Local Venues You HAVE to Visit

A must-see spot is SOI 705 in Uptown Richland, run by the mother-daughter duo, Jacqui and Jo Wright. They showcase local talent while serving up delicious drinks in a room adorned with a disco ball.

The Emerald of Siam, owned by Dara Quinn, is not your ordinary Thai restaurant. By night, it transforms into one of the most vibrant and intimate concert venues, where Dara curates unforgettable experiences with local talent.

A newer addition to Tri-Cities is the Daisy Ranch Saloon, where entertainment takes on a different flavor with a mechanical bull and DJ, promising lively nights at the city's newest cowboy bar and nightclub, crafted by owner Christina Heintzelman and others.

Now open is Aub’s Lounge: Gourmet Banana Bread & Poetry, envisioned by owner Aubrieann Johnson as a space for good, clean, and sober fun. With a focus on a lounge-like ambiance, it's set to diverge from typical alcohol-centric environments, with spoken poetry and a whole lot more.

Check out Bristle Art Gallery, a venue holding classes and events for the community centered around art in its many forms run by Abi Bristow and Anita Butler. The Gallery highlights talent in all mediums, from physical art, poetry, music, theatrical art, and dancing. The mother-daughter duo has this advice for aspiring artists, “We highly encourage seeking out supportive individuals who will nurture your creativity. Surrounding yourself with encouragement is essential for growth. That's why we host artist meet-ups and free events at the Gallery to foster a community that uplifts and inspires artists."

Performer Spotlight: Faith Martin

We cannot talk about female entertainment without spotlighting the local legend that is Faith Martin. A true talent and role model, she's renowned for her career as a musician, radio host, and podcaster. Or who knows… you might recognize Faith from her appearance on the Golden Bachelor, a spinoff of the Bachelor franchise!

Background as a Musician

After chatting with Faith, it is clear she has always been drawn to music. What we didn’t know was how her singing background almost came to a halt due to a loss of confidence following a voice change after a broken nose and tonsillectomy. “I almost gave up singing altogether, but I was so driven to express myself! Music was really the only way I knew how. I decided to embrace my rasp and just do it!”

Faith shared how one night, a band was having a slow night and asked if anyone else wanted to sing a song. Bravely, she got up, sang, was hired as their lead singer, and has been singing ever since. Faith has been the lead singer in multiple local bands, including The Shades. Recently, she has been performing solo and recording her own originals while still occasionally singing in a duo.

Background as a Radio Host

Faith’s background in radio was also driven by a passion for music. Faith shared, “It just so happens that being one of the constant song requesters at a local radio station was what got me started.” At the time Faith was a cheerleader and swung by the station to let them know her high school team had won! The radio invited her in to chat about the game then hired her a few years later in 1980. She has been on the radio ever since and is currently an on-air personality on local channels Eagle 106.5 and 94.9 The Wolf!

Faith’s Perspective

Women have overcome numerous obstacles to establish equality in the workforce, and the entertainment industry is no exception. We asked Faith about her experiences facing gender-related challenges in her career, to which she shared, “Being a young woman in radio and music was extremely difficult in the early years! I think all businesses have been rough on women in the past." She further emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself and maintaining strong boundaries.

Faith's advice to young women aspiring to enter the music industry or radio is insightful: “Have so much respect for yourself that you are willing to walk away from something or someone that isn't respectful to you!”

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