Top Pizza Spots in the Tri-Cities

Treat yourself to highly rated pizza restaurants in the Tri-Cities.

Credit: Dovetail Joint Restaurant

Whether you’re an expert “aficionadough” or looking for family-friendly places to eat, the Tri-Cities feature a wide range of restaurants and casual eateries for all pizza lovers. Explore a variety of pizza spots for an upcoming delivery order or a dine-in experience, enjoying budget-friendly prices, fast services, flavorsome toppings, and more.


Rocco’s Pizza

6415 Burden Boulevard, Pasco

Make your way to heaping toppings, flavorsome bites, and friendly services. This locally owned eatery serves a variety of specialty pizzas, featuring uncommon ingredients and spicy kicks of flavor. Transport yourself to a German restaurant with the Beer Garden Combo, or enjoy a Mexican-inspired pie with taco-themed toppings. Rocco’s Pizza offers vegetarian specialties that include crumbled blue cheese and decadent pesto sauce.

Eatz Pizzeria & Deli

6916 W Argent Road, Pasco

Pineapples, bacon, and barbecue sauce are some of the delectable pizza toppings from this dining spot. Looking for a creative spin on your classic savory pie? Eatz Pizzeria features Hawaiian, Greek, and Sicilian-style pizzas in a variety of sizes. Along with pies, this authentic Italian restaurant offers strombolis, calzones, and pasta dishes.

Mercy’s Pizza Taco

524 N 3rd Avenue, Pasco

Seeking a casual dining place with a laid back ambience? Settle into a cozy atmosphere and grab a slice of Mexican-infused pizzas. Savory pies are hand-tossed and prepared with fresh toppings. Don’t miss trying the Asada and the Adobada pizzas, which pack rich textures with every bite. For a hearty dining experience, order a side of nachos with your pizza.


Excalibur Pizza 2

420 S Vancouver St, Kennewick

Build your own pizza with plenty of budget-friendly toppings at this family-owned restaurant. For a nostalgic dining experience, enjoy a variety of old school arcade games before or after eating. Excalibur Pizza 2 creates filling layers of savory pies with generous toppings. Adventurous foodies will enjoy the bacon cheeseburger or American taco pizza, indulging in a harmonious ratio of flavors.

Hubby’s Pizza

346 W Columbia Dr, Kennewick

This kid-friendly restaurant features a shaded play area and thrilling video games. Enter rustic interiors with community-style seating and wooden decor. Hubby’s Pizza serves savory specialties such as Easy Ed’s Enticer, which is topped with bacon and beef, as well as the vegetarian pizza, which is topped with fresh vegetables. Choose from a variety of beers on tap and wines, pairing your meal with a succulent drink.


Atomic Ale Brewpub & Eatery

1015 Lee Blvd, Richland

Explore an industrial chic space, or enjoy outdoor seating with appetizing savory pizzas. Outdoor lovers will enjoy making an eight-minute stroll from Howard Amon Park to this casual eatery. Discover classic thin crust pies that are baked in a wood-fired oven. Pizza enthusiasts with a spice tolerance will relish the Reactor Core pie, which is topped with spicy butter, jalapenos, and crushed red peppers.

Brick House Pizza

3791 Van Giesen St, West Richland

Be immersed in a classic pub experience, where neon signs illuminate an inviting and relaxed ambience. Based near the Yakima River, Brick House Pizza in West Richland features a vast array of savory pies, ranging from apricot-topped BBQ slices to artichoke and ranch sauce combinations. This pub offers gluten-free crusts, as well as personalized ways to make your own savory pie. Try a local-favorite like the Three Alarm pizza, where the sweetness of onions and tomatoes balance the sharpness of jalapenos and sausages.

Dovetail Joint Restaurant

1368 Jadwin Avenue, Richland

Located in the Uptown Shopping Center, this restaurant combines a variety of cuisines and serves ingenious combinations of flavors. Whether you’re craving a Mediterranean-spiced dish or a traditionally made pizza, Dovetail Joint Restaurant offers mouthwatering eats for all palettes. Wander through modern and chic interiors, taking a seat near a display of vibrant local art and browsing through an assortment of savory bites. For an unexpected pizza specialty, try a pie that’s topped with clams and bacon. Looking for dessert? End your lunch or dinner with Sicilian doughnuts, which are bursting with cinnamon sugar, creme anglaise, and ricotta.

Fat Olives Restaurant & Catering

255 Williams Blvd, Richland

This Italian dining spot will steal a “pizza” of your heart with scrumptious dishes and welcoming services. For an intimate date night, settle into Fat Olive’s outdoor patio area, where slices of pizza can be enjoyed under glowing string lights. Explore different twists on a classic savory pie with options such as Californian, Tuscan, or Aegean pizzas. Dive into a pocket-shaped pizza meal and try the calzone, which is filled with pesto, mozzarella, and flavorful vegetables.

Greek Islands Cuisine

600 Gage Blvd, Richland

With an assortment of Greek- and Mediterranean-fusion pizzas, it’s inevitable to exclaim “opa!” Explore generous portions of feta cheese and tzatziki on your savory pies, indulging in tangy and delectable ingredients. For the ultimate culinary blend of Italian and Greek food, try the gyro- or spanaki-themed pizza. Seeking a customizable lunch or dinner meal? Make your own pizza with various sauces, peppers, vegetables, and your choice of protein.

Stick and Stone Wood-Fired Pizza

3027 Duportail St, Richland

Complete a trip to the movies from Fairchild Cinemas Queensgate 12 to this nearby pizza spot. Take in eclectic and stylish decor, finding a place to watch expert pie makers toss fresh dough into the air and bake it in a wood-fired oven. Pizza lovers will enjoy new creations such as the Honey Badger, which is drizzled with honey habanero sauce, or the Pho Shizzle, which is a Vietnamese spin on a savory pie. Order a vegan option like the “pepperoni” pizza, indulging in classic flavors. For a scenic experience, visit Stick and Stone for dinner and watch the sunset from the outdoor dining area.

Looking for more? For tried-and-true pizza fans, Round Table Pizza serves decadent savory slices with locations in Kennewick, Leslie, Pasco, and Richland.

With kicking bites of flavors, scenic outdoor seating, and creative pie combinations, the Tri-Cities features plenty of pizza restaurants that you “knead” to know.