Photographic Journey: Capturing the Beauty of Tri-Cities Rivers

What makes the Tri-Cities so incredibly beautiful? Is it the enchanting view of rolling golden hills bathed in warm sunlight? Maybe it's the infectious smiles of people enjoying themselves at a neighborhood park. One thing that never fails to capture our attention, regardless of the season, is the trio of rivers that the Tri-Cities generously offers to visitors, residents, and local habitats, providing a constant source of joy.

Community Showcase and Photo Extravaganza!

When we reached out to the community to showcase how they embrace the beauty of our rivers, we were absolutely blown away by the overwhelming turnout of photo submissions! It's crystal clear that the rivers and the scenic riverside parks are cherished by Tri-Citians. Let's dive into what these wonderful people have to say...

There is nothing quite like family tubing on the Columbia!”

📸 Jeff Wiberg

A random stroll at the Columbia river right before THE delivery day.”

📸 Taruna Singh

Whether you're enjoying lively daytime activities or unwinding with relaxing evening strolls, the river always has a way of meeting you there. And guess what's the latest trend? Night paddle boarding on the Columbia River in massive groups... with headlamps! We need to check that out! Keep scrolling for photos of night paddle boarding plus more.

How do you enjoy the river?

Birding by canoe in the Yakima River Delta

📸 Jeff Wiberg

Richelle’s catch — a Columbia River Salmon!

📸 Richelle Southerland

A fam canoeing the Columbia River

📸 Jeff Wiberg

We love skipping stones!”

📸 Deepika Menon

Some Snake River fishing

📸 Richelle Southerland

Group paddle boarding along White Bluffs

📸 Adele Dallman

Moonlight paddle boarding sesh in Kennewick

📸 Adele Dallman

We were wake surfing the Snake River!”

📸 Alissa Moody

Paddle boarding the Columbia River near White Bluffs

📸 Adele Dallman

Andrea was canoeing on the river with our yellow lab.”

📸 Andrea Armstrong

River Wildlife Spectacle: A Snapshot of Nature's Beauty!

We didn’t just receive the coolest shots of Tri-Cities residents having a blast in the river; we were also treated to a delightful surprise – a bustling community of local wildlife reveling in the water channels they proudly call home! Take a look at these snapshots…

The above photo was submitted by Mark Rogers!! An incredible shot of a group of pelicans taken at Wye Park Boat Dock in Richland, Washington. Pelicans are commonly seen in the Columbia River, but shots like this are hard to come by.

Wildlife photos submitted by Jeff Wiberg:

Juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron in the Yakima River Delta
Pelicans in the Yakima River Delta
Cormorant and Catfish in the Yakima River
Red-Winged Blackbird in the Yakima River Delta

River Beauty Shots!

We've observed people paddleboarding, boating, and strolling through the riverside parks. We have witnessed pelicans gracefully swimming on a sun-drenched day and more birds leisurely idling atop the river. Yet, it's essential to acknowledge that the river itself is a gem! Peek at these photo submissions that serve as a reminder of the breathtaking views right here in the Tri-Cities.

The above pic was submitted by Deni Starnes. They were coasting in their kayak taking in the beautiful day at the mouth of the Yakima River near Bateman Island.

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Check out these year round views!

A snapshot of the Columbia River looking north from the White Bluffs Trail

📸 Brian York

The Railroad Bridge over the Yakima River

📸 Mark Rogers

Fall morning at Leslie Groves Park

📸 Becky Burghart

The Clover Island Lighthouse in Kennewick

📸 Mark Rogers

We love hanging out by the river!”

📸 Deepika Menon

Snapshot near White Bluffs

📸 Adele Dallman

Photo taken at Two Rivers Park in Finley

📸 Mark Rogers

The Cable Bridge taken from Pasco’s perspective as the fog rolls in

📸 Mark Rogers

Captured during an evening run through Chiawana Park

📸 Andrea Armstrong

And we cannot mention the river without showcasing the glorious sunsets and sunrises that reflect off the water’s surface. Look at these spectacular moments captured by our enthusiastic community...

The above photo was submitted by Joan Lucas! A stunning shot of the Cable Bridge at Sunset.

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A little bit of golden hour!

Sunrise between Pasco and Kennewick

📸 Joan Lucas


A Cable Bridge sunset

📸 Mark Rogers

A classic Howard Amon sunrise

📸 Laurel Lentz

Sunrise on the Columbia from paddle boarding at Clover Island

📸 Cerise Peck

Sunset on the Columbia while fishing for Kings!”

📸 Richelle Southerland

Howard Amon Park at sunrise

📸 Becky Burghart

Pic taken from Howard Amon Park

📸 Laurel Lentz

As we wrap up this journey celebrating the views, we ask "How do you enjoy the river?" Continue to share your personal river escapades and moments of bliss by tagging #visittricities on our Facebook and Instagram.

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