Ways to Combat Seasonal Depression in Tri-Cities

It’s that time of year—the sun is rising later and setting earlier, and the temperatures are lower, all leading to decreased sun exposure. With these changes, many see a shift in their mindset, affecting their overall mental health. Seasonal Depression has differing effects on those who experience it, but symptoms might include fatigue, sadness, anxiety, or irritability. To combat seasonal depression and boost your mood, Visit Tri-Cities has compiled the perfect list of activities to fight off those pesky winter blues.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t go outside and enjoy the crisp air on our trails! Exercise is a proven mood-booster, and the Tri-Cities has a unique beauty this time of year that shouldn’t be missed. Bike, hike, or walk along the Columbia River or on Badger and Candy Mountain to hit your activity goals. If the weather permits, e-bike rentals from Pedego E-Bikes or Coras E-Bike Shop and pedal power bike rentals from Reborn Bike Shop or Greenies in Richland are the perfect way to see the seasons change on the riverside trails while boosting your mood and elevating your body function.

Take some time to relax and reconnect with mind, body, and soul with an instructor-led yoga hour, followed by a glass of locally grown and produced wine or spirits at Kiona or Goose Ridge vineyards. Yum!

If you feel like throwing something during this time of year, the Tri-Cities has a lot of opportunity for you to work out that inner feeling. Round up a group of friends or family and try Axe throwing at AXE KPR in Pasco. Putting blade to bullseye will certainly boost your mood! Or if you’re feeling a little more destructive, try Take a Break in Kennewick, a dedicated “wreck it room” where you can release emotions and have fun at the same time. You can pick from different packages that will fit your budget and the amount of “smash therapy” you need, and they even have a paint splash room. The best part is you don’t have to do any of the clean up!

While a trip to the Tri-Cities won’t entirely sweep away those winter blues, there is certainly something for everyone here to reset and release those tensions you may be feeling.