The Ultimate Guide to Women-Owned Businesses in the Tri-Cities, WA

Pictured: Meet the women of Washington Wine!
Credit: Purple Star Wines

At Visit Tri-Cities, we celebrate the women and their legacies who have played a significant role in shaping the region into the thriving metropolitan area it is today.

From Sacagawea, the Lemhi Shoshone women who was vital to the Lewis and Clark Expedition that traversed the Columbia Basin, to Leona Woods Marshall Libby, the physicist who helped build the first nuclear reactor as part of the Manhattan Project, to today’s leaders and trailblazers—the Tri-Cities has been shaped by women with incredible skills and vision from the very beginning.

While you’re visiting the Tri-Cities, take the chance to explore some of the women-owned and operated businesses that serve the many visitors that come to the area. Below is our list of women-owned and women-led businesses so you can support local female entrepreneurs.

*While we worked diligently to capture as many women-led tourism-related member businesses in the below list, we recognize there are likely more to be added! If we have missed a business, please let us know. We would love to connect!

Tri-IDEAs is a program exploring and celebrating Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility through tourism in the Tri-Cities.

At Visit Tri-Cities, we believe travel is transformative on multiple levels. Exploring new destinations exposes us to different ideas, cultures, history, heritages and people. Through Tri-IDEAs, Visit Tri-Cities will connect with local business owners, community leaders, event organizers, residents and more to highlight, share and celebrate the diversity of the Tri-Cities that can be experienced through travel and tourism activities.