A Perfect Summer Weekend for Families

This blog is proudly brought to you by Bechtel, the Tri-Cities Rivershore Enhancement Council (TREC) Sponsor.

Oftentimes the Tri-Cities is utilized as a pit stop when travelers embark on a bigger journey through the Pacific Northwest. Yet, travelers are missing out on a location that is a destination all on its own. It's not often you find a semi-arid desert with miles of river shorelines, but the Tri-Cities offers just that at the meeting point of the Yakima, Snake, and Columbia rivers. Here, temperatures get hot, and luckily we have the river to dip our toes into when the heat rises.

Plan your next stay with the itinerary below, designed for families....


12:00 PM Lunch at the Park | Kick off your adventure with a delicious and healthy lunch spread from Fresh Leaf. From there it's a short walk to Howard Amon Park, a perfect spot to sit by the river on a blanket with some local takeout.

1:30 PM Get in the Water |
Feeling adventurous? Rent kayaks or paddle boards and hit the waters! The experts will give you tips and tricks and provide you with all the tools needed for a successful day on the river. Some daily rental spots include KayakBateman.com and OATIS in Richland or Seaductive Kayak Rentals in Pasco!

4:00 PM Grab a Sweet Treat |
Pick up a refreshing treat from How Sweet It Is or Amethyst Creamery both of which are walking distances from Howard Amon Park.

5:00 PM Dinner at LU LU Craft Bar and Kitchen |
Eat farm to table meals at LU LU Craft Bar and Kitchen overlooking the Columbia Pt. Dock.

7:30 PM USS Triton Park |
Take a leisurely sunset stroll along the scenic rivershore path and discover the USS Triton submarine – a retired Navy vessel.


8:00 AM Breakfast at Sage Port Grille | Fuel up for another day of fun with breakfast at Sage Port Grille. Choose from hearty omelets, fluffy pancakes, or anything in between.

10:00 AM Learning about the River |
Expand your family's knowledge by exploring the REACH, a captivating museum with multiple galleries dedicated to the unique ecosystems of the Columbia River Basin.

11:30 PM Put Your Knowledge to the Test |
Grab some binoculars and your newfound knowledge from the REACH, and head to Batemans Island, a renowned birdwatching hotspot. Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of feathered friends making their home in this diverse habitat.

1:00 PM Lunch at Fable |
After a morning of exploration, replenish your energy with lunch at Fable, a favorite known for its local offerings and views of the Columbia River.

3:00 PM Bike the Paths |
Rent electric bikes and cruise along the miles of riverside paved paths, enjoying the breeze. There are plenty of spots around town that offer daily rentals, check out Greenies, Cora’s E-bike Shop, Pedego, or Reborn Bike Shop to get started!

5:00 PM Dinner on Clover Island |
Cap off your action-packed Saturday with dinner on Clover Island. Enjoy delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere at Ice Harbor Brewing or order a steak cooked to perfection at Cedars Restaurant.

7:00 PM Art on Clover Island |
Be sure to stroll the island after dinner to see the multiple art installations honoring local Tribes’ relation to the rivers.

Artistic renditions of sapáx0ikas, meaning “willow fish traps” on Clover Island in Kennewick.
Credit: Port of Kennewick, portofkennewick.org


8:00 AM Sacajawea Historical State Park | Have a Discover Pass? Head to Sacajawea Historical State Park and explore the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. If you don’t have a Discover Pass, look into getting a day pass here.

Depart Tri-Cities Washington!

statue of sacajawea

With this itinerary as your guide, your Tri-Cities family adventure is guaranteed to be a splash! So, pack your swimsuits, grab your sense of adventure, and get ready to create lasting memories in this unique and unforgettable desert oasis.

This blog is proudly brought to you by Bechtel, the Tri-Cities Rivershore Enhancement Council (TREC) Sponsor. Are you familiar with TREC? The Council, a program of Visit Tri-Cities, is composed of the local jurisdictions and the driving force behind helping communities rediscover the beauty of their rivershores, emphasizing ongoing efforts in restoration, development, and enhancement activities. It's evident that their continuous involvement plays a significant part in shaping our riverside community.


Thank you Bechtel for your sponsorship of the Tri-Cities Rivershore Enhancement Council (TREC)!